Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Lothrop Bible and Sturgis Library

 Sturgis Library- Barnstable Ma

I was lucky enough to have recently been able to visit Sturgis Library in Barnstable, Ma. I had been wanting to drop by because the library contains several artifacts related to Reverend John Lothrop, who had been a large part of the story behind Sacrament Rock

Not only does the Library contain some of his things, the building is actually an artifact in itself, as part of the library is made up of the original home of Lothrop. In this building the Lothrop congregation met to worship before the construction of the actual church. 
Aside from the fact that Sturgis Library contains an area committed to Cape Cod History and a section dedicated to the Reverend, it also contains the Lothrop Bible. This book is quite important to the entire Lothrop story, because it is one of the few artifacts that remain which he actually carried when he fled from England. 
Section dedicated to Lothrop
 Including a children's book entitled
"Sometimes You Just Have to Move Across the Ocean"

The Lothrop Bible on display
The Lothrop Bible even has its own interesting story. Apparently, aboard the ship the Griffin, which brought many of the Lothrop congregation to New England, the Reverend accidently spilled hot candle wax on his Bible during evening prayer. The hot wax burned through several pages. However, Lothrop repaired each burned section, re-writing the damaged passages from memory.

The Lothrop Bible. Notice the repaired sections. 
 After the death of John Lothrop, the Bible fell into the hands of his son Samuel. From Samuel, the Bible passed through the hands of many Lothrop descendants. For a time, it seems the Bible even returned to England. However, in 1957, it came full circle when it was donated to the Sturgis Library.

I love stories like this. More often I hear and read stories about important pieces of history or artifacts completely lost. Its nice to know, at least in the case of Reverend John Lothrop, his history will be preserved for future New Englanders. 


  1. Thank you so much for the article on the Sturgis Library. Rev. John Lathrop was my 11th g-grandfather thru his son Samuel. Hopefully I will be able to actually visit and stand where my grandfather once stood. Until then, you've brought his descendant pleasure to see the building and Bible.
    Donna Hernandez

    1. Hello Donna, I, am also a descendant through Samuel. We went to a reunion in Boston several years ago. George Bush (father) was President at the time and could not attend. However, his sister was there. As part of the reunion, we were able to visit all the sites relating to John Lathrop.