Friday, October 14, 2011

Wicked Yankee

Hi and welcome to Wicked Yankee, a blog which will detail bits and pieces of often obscure New England history and occasionally even history from outside classic Yankee territory. I chose the name because it seems like a good mesh of old stock New England and modern New England, much like we are today in this area. As many people who live in or visit this region have come to realize, New England can be quite an odd place. Therefore, it should be no surprise when one marches back through New England history only to find more of this Yankee-style weirdness.

Our Yankee forefathers left an undeniable mark, not just in our area, but throughout the entire country because of their oftentimes odd behavior. They hunted witches, fought empires, clashed with or befriended natives, communed with spirits, started rebellions, brutally murdered each other, searched for treasure, challenged Satan himself, and literally changed the course of an entire country and culture. Wow, Yankees were busy. As we begin to explore the actions and lives of these old school New Englanders, it will become clear, though they came from varied backgrounds, achieved or failed at achieving various honors, were famous, infamous, or both, it can be agreed that they were all Wicked Yankee. I know that was cheesy, but let’s roll with it.

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