Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

I thought this little quiz was amusing, and I guess I agree with the results. I don't have much of a regional accent. I don't find Cape Codders to have the same type of Massachusetts accent that can be found in most of the eastern part of the state. Its definitely not even close to the Boston accent so many actors try to imitate on those "I'm wicked  tough because I'm from Boston" type of movies.

My fiancé does have more of the classic Boston accent. She does drop her R's, but she'll  also often say something like, "I was having lunch with Linder and she . . ."

Linder? What's that? Is that one of Santa's reindeer?

I still don't understand the rules regarding when she adds the "R" onto a word that ends with "A." It seems to be when the "A" ending word is directly followed by a vowel sound. Is that typical of a Boston accent?

Her accent is not quite as strong as this young lady's though.

In my life I've never actually heard anyone speak with that classic New England twang. I've been to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, but no one there seems to talk like I imagine the classic Yankee accent. I know I already posted a speech showcasing Quint from Jaws, but his monologue about the USS Indianapolis is a perfect example of the accent I'm loking for, plus the speech is awesome.

Has anyone ever heard this accent from a real person who is not actually an English actor faking a New England accent? Maybe it just doesn't really exist.


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